DANSN Cooperates with Intertek in Global Certification Service

On the afternoon of August 27, Dansn New Materials (Guang Dong) Co., Ltd. (DANSN) and Intertek Group (Intertek) held a ceremony for strategic cooperation in DANSN’s headquarter and concluded a strategic partnership. CEO GU Xiao of DANSN, LIU Hai, Senior Manager of Construction Division of Intertek in China, and TANG Baoqiang, Sales Manager, attended the ceremony.

DANSN Cooperates with Intertek in Global Certification Service

Left: LIU Hai, Senior Manager of Construction Division of Intertek in China

Right: GU Xiao, CEO of Dansn New Materials (Guang Dong) Co., Ltd.

Grasp the trends of consumption upgrading, focus on home security.


With the economic development and the increase of the average income of residents, the concept of domestic consumption in the new era is constantly improved, and people pay more and more attention to health and quality of life. DANSN is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the independent R&D of green and new materials and offering one-stop, formaldehyde-free, and integrated interior finishing solutions. Since its incorporation, the Company has been committed to the R&D, design, and production of new mineral fiber materials. And it utilizes such new materials to produce various interior finishing products, such as formaldehyde-free panel furniture, formaldehyde-free interior doors, fire-rated doors, pre-fabricated partitions, formaldehyde-free floors, cabinets and countertops so as to make a healthy housing environment.


To follow the standardization and sales legalization on the international market of fire-rated door, DANSN has been developing higher quality amd safer wooden fire doors. What’s more, DANSN worked closely with Intertek in the tests and certification of fire-rated doors, including BS 30/60/90-min test and UL 20/45/90-min test.


UL fire-rated door test is the strictest certification systems in the world so it has very high design requirements of fire-rated doors. At the beginning of this year, DANSN has developed independently 90-min wood fire-rated door that has reached test standard of UL 90-min FR door. It’s landmark in the process of DANSN fire-rated door.Our company will continue to improve UL 90-min fire-rated door and look forward to good news in the formal test. In the past two years, the rental housing industry has developed rapidly, and many long-rented apartments have occupied market share actively. However, with the rapid development, the industry was in chaos and has a variety of problems, such as indoor formaldehyde and acoustic sound. In order to provide a more comprehensive overall solution for rental apartments, CEO GU Xiao said that the company and Intertek would jointly deploy products’ quality based on the requirements of Well Health Buildings for decoration materials. WELL is a system of measurement standards based on building performance that measures, certifies and monitors the characteristics of environment such as air, water, nutrition, light, health, comfort and spirit, focusing on people centered. According to WELL standard, performance test refers to multiple parameters of different environments, including air quality, water quality, light attributes, thermal comfort factors, and acoustic environment elements. This is more challenging to the overall home decoration. Intertek is not only the world’s leading organization in quality and safety assurance, but also one of the first labs officially recognized by GBCI to carry out on-site performance verification in the WELL system. DANSN will cooperate with Intertek in an in-depth manner, benchmarking international first-class standards, optimizing products and matching solutions, and creating a more healthy living environment.


Monitor quality and safety with Intertek.


Intertek is the world’s leading company of quality and safety services, an international testing authority and a third party notary. With a global network of more than 1,000 laboratories and branches in over 100 countries and more than 44,000 professional employees, Intertek is committed to providing impartial, accurate, high-quality service and innovative solutions of highest standard in the industry.


The cooperation between DANSN and Intertek launched programs of certifying furniture materials in global standard, meaning that DANSN would be further internationalized. DANSN layout has quality and safety monitoring system based on international standards. With the help of safety monitoring technology and high-quality quality management system, the company provides more healthier, safer, high-quality and formaldehyde-free products while it’s committed to leading and upgrading housing decoration industry.

DANSN Cooperates with Intertek in Global Certification Service

The ceremony attracted great importance to both parties. GU Xiao said, the ceremony has profound meaning. With the help of outstanding third-party testing and certifying authority, DANSN products at home and abroad could be tested and certified in highest standard to create a green healthy living environment.