Leaders of Guangzhou No.4 Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. Visits DANSN

On May 22, Chief Engineer Jiang Yongbo of Guangzhou No.4 Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. visited DANSN's Manufacturing Headquarter, accompanied with CEO Gu Xiao of DANSN, Secretary Song Yi. Both sides had an in-depth exchange of preparation of provincial new-type prefabricated partition standards.

Leaders of Guangzhou No.4 Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. Visits DANSN

Founded in 1956, Guangzhou No. 4 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Construction Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Guangzhou Municipal Construction Group Co., Ltd.). Guangzhou Municipal Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Municipal Construction) is large state-owned enterprises directly supervised by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangzhou Municipal Government. Meanwhile, it is the first enterprise that owns housing construction contract special grade qualification, Class A design qualification in construction industry, municipal public works construction contract special grade qualification and Class A design qualification in municipal industry. In 2008, the company merged with Guangzhou Municipal Group and Guangzhou General Engineering Contracting Group. In 2010, it incorporated China Guangzhou International Economic and Technological Cooperation Company into the second-level group management and established of Guangzhou Municipal Construction Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou No. 4 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. makes efforts on integration of investment and construction and  integration of design and construction, with two Grade A contracting qualifications for engineering construction and municipal public engineering and five professional contracting qualifications like mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction, decoration, formwork scaffolding engineering, foundation engineering and steel structure engineering engineering.

Guangzhou No. 4 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. focuses on the markets in Guangzhou, Foshan, Jiangmen, actively develops Eastern Guangdong region and prefabricated construction market with the production and business operation ability and scale more than 3 billion RMB, completed in project area of 800,000-900,000 square meters. There are a number of representative of Guangzhou construction and municipal utilities, including the World Trade Center in Guangzhou, China Mayors Plaza, Metro Plaza, Teemall, Grandview Plaza, Onelink Walk Shopping Mall, Guangzhou Government Affairs Center, Guangzhou Book Center, Exhibition Center, universities in University Town (such as Xinghai Conservatory of Music, South China Normal University and Guangzhou University secondary school), Guangzhou International Sports Arena, etc.

Leaders of Guangzhou No.4 Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. Visits DANSN

DANSN is a new material high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacture of formaldehyde-free, fire-resistant, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation materials. DANSN's core technology is the employment of recycling agricultural materials (rice husk/straw/bagasse/reed) and plant fibers bonding with inorganic gelling material modified by polymer materials to manufacture a series of new green building materials and household products, such as new-type rice husk inorganic composite board (referred to as 'DANSN new-type composite board'), new-type mineral core and rice husk/wood fiber composite wood fire resistant and acoustic insulation door (referred to as 'DANSN fire resistant and acoustic insulation ecological door'), new-type inorganic fiber flooring and inorganic fiber wall paneling (referred to as 'DANSN new-type flooring and wall panelling'), new-type decorative integrated lightweight partition wall (referred to as 'DANSN new-type prefabricated partition') and so on. All products can achieve fire resistance, acoustic insulation, formaldehyde free and water resistance while meet the requirements of static bending strength, elastic modulus, screw holding, compressive strength, breaking strength and finish integration for traditional home and decoration products.

Building materials can achieve fire resistance, thermal insulation and water resistance to external wall while meet the requirements of fire resistance, acoustic insulation and impact strength to internal wall, aiming to reduce the cost greatly and apply new-type materials to prefabricated buildings and prefabricated interior decoration areas. Compared with traditional prefabricated lightweight partition, DANSN new-type prefabricated partition has significant advantages.

Firstly, drying operation in the whole construction. Compared with traditional wall, DANSN's integrated technical between inorganic fiber fire proof surface and inner wall core can realize decorative integrated wall product without putty on site.

Secondly, efficient installation. DANSN new-type prefabricated partition can realize the modular production of the interior decoration standard parts. The design of tenons can be assembled like buildings blocks easily and quickly. Finish integration can improve efficiency without putty in traditional walls.

Thirdly, friendly raw materials can eliminate volatilization of harmful substances. DANSN new-type prefabricated partition controls the quality of product from the sources, employs recycling agricultural materials (rice husk/straw/bagasse/reed) without formaldehyde. The finished products all meet the environmental protection without formaldehyde. 

Fourthly, significant advantages of comprehensive physical performance and lower cost. Partition wall is far more than 2 hours fire-resistance grade. 90mm thickness  can resist 40dB and impact strength of traditional brick wall.

After the visit and meeting, Mr. Jiang expressed full confidence to DANSN new-type prefabricated partition, and he took highly of the innovation of DANSN which applied recycling agricultural materials to green prefabricated building materials industry. Both sides reached consensus on provincial new-type prefabricated partition standards and planed to write the standards in a certain period.


Leaders of Guangzhou No.4 Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. Visits DANSN