Minister Liu Bo of Interior Decoration Business Division of BUCC Visits DANSN

On May 25, Minister Liu Bo of Interior Decoration Business Division, Beijing Institute of Residential Building Design & Research Co., Ltd., owned by Beijing Un-Construction Group (BUCC), visited DANSN's Manufacturing Headquarter, accompanied with CEO Gu Xiao and Secretary Song Yi of DANSN. Both sides have a discussion on the availability of applying DANSN new-type prefabricated partition, new-type inorganic fiber flooring and fire resistant and acoustic insulation ecological door to the system of prefabricated interior decoration in Beijing Un-Construction Group.


By the R&D of interior decoration parts, Interior Decoration Business Division of Beijing Institute of Residential Building Design & Research Co., Ltd. provided high-value residential products with technologies of prefabrication, green building and intelligence to build an industrial intelligent manufacturing center for interior decoration for BUCC. The excellent design of the Division refined the interior products. Though the system of design standardized parts, the Division was combined with intelligent building to build interior decoration industry Internet of Things. Based on prefabricated raised floor system, prefabricated partition and wall system and prefabricated ceiling system, the Division expanded comprehensive systems of interior decoration parts such as prefabricated bathroom system, kitchen system, home system and office system, aiming to improve chains for BUCC. In recent years, As a leader in the construction of Xiong'an New Area, Beijing Institute of Residential Building Design & Research Co., Ltd has undertook the key projects of Xiong'an Urban-rural Management Service Center, Xiong'an High-quality Experimental Area (for living), placements in Rongdong District and supporting facilities.  

Minister Liu Bo of Interior Decoration Business Division of BUCC Visits DANSN

For the past few years, according to the documents of Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Further Strengthening the Administration of Urban Planning and Construction and Guidance on Developing Prefabricated Buildings, government clearly put forward to develop prefabricated buildings and prefabricated buildings enter the stage of rapid development. Beijing Joint Conference Office of Prefabricated Building issued Key Points of Beijing Development Prefabricated Building in 2018-2019. It was clear that in 2019, the proportion of prefabricated buildings to the new building area were more than 25%. By 2020, Beijing would achieve over 30% prefabricated buildings, and the assembly rate of the prefabricated buildings should not be less than 50%.

In August, 2019, the National Standard Green Building Evaluation Standard (GB503782019) has been formally implemented. The standard clarified the importance of the system in the evaluation of green buildings. The government advocated this new prefabricated construction technology in China and promoted the integrated development of interior decoration industrialization and building industrialization. The application of recyclable materials, reusable materials applications and green building materials added up to 12 points.

DANSN is a new material high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacture of formaldehyde-free, fire-resistant, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation materials. DANSN's core technology is the employment of recycling agricultural materials (rice husk/straw/bagasse/reed) and plant fibers bonding with inorganic gelling material modified by polymer materials to manufacture a series of new green building materials and household products, such as new-type rice husk inorganic composite board (referred to as 'DANSN new-type composite board'), new-type mineral core and rice husk/wood fiber composite wood fire resistant and acoustic insulation door (referred to as 'DANSN fire resistant and acoustic insulation ecological door'), new-type inorganic fiber flooring and inorganic fiber wall paneling (referred to as 'DANSN new-type flooring and wall paneling'), new-type decorative integrated lightweight partition wall (referred to as 'DANSN new-type prefabricated partition') and so on. All products can achieve fire resistance, acoustic insulation, formaldehyde free and water resistance while meet the requirements of static bending strength, elastic modulus, screw holding, compressive strength, breaking strength and finish integration for traditional home and decoration products.

Leaded by Mr. Gu, Minister Liu Bo fully understood the highly automated production equipment and production processes and procedures of prefabricated interior decoration industrial standard parts in DANSN's Manufacturing Headquarter. What's more, he took highly of DANSN new-type building materials and green home products and the cooperation that applies DANSN new-type materials to BUCC design system with confidence. At the meeting, both sides reached a consensus that they hoped DANSN new-type prefabricated building materials could be applied to BUCC design system and even extended to the North China though the cooperation to the projects of Xiong'an New Area.

Minister Liu Bo of Interior Decoration Business Division of BUCC Visits DANSN