China Certification Center for Fire Products of MEM

China Certification Center for Fire Products of MEM, No.21, 2019


Announcement on Voluntary Certification of 13 Types of Fire Products

Relevant units:

To implement the Party Central Committee and State Council’s decisions on deepening the reform of the fire law enforcement decision deployment, according to the State Council on strengthening the construction of quality certification system to promote the opinions of the total quality management ([2018] No. 3), the spirit of Speed Up the Development of Voluntary Product Certification Guidance by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the PRC and the demand on fire control products manufacturing enterprises, the center decide to no longer implement compulsory certification of 13-type fire control products (including part of the fire alarm products), and carry out voluntary certification (catalogue in Appendix 1). The relevant work arrangements as follows:

1. Center has posted voluntary product certification implementation rules (see the attachment 2 for more details) of 13 types of fire products including the part of the fire alarm products on the Internet ( & The main contents and certification procedures are the same as and the original rules. The original implementation of compulsory product certification continues to apply to new voluntary product certification.

2. From now on, all relevant units have the requirements for voluntary product certification can log in the “fire products online certification business system” ( to submit the voluntary certification commission.

3. As for enterprise who holds the original mandatory product certification certificate, if it is willing to conduct voluntary product certification in the center, for easing the burden on enterprise, the center will be integrated the original mandatory product certification as a result. We will do our best to issue voluntary certification certificate for free to the original mandatory product certification units which comply with the certification requirements and have no potential risk for the certification.

4. To uncompleted contract of the original mandatory product certification service, implement the spirit of “streamline administration, delegate powers, improve regulation and strengthen services” and avoid enterprise losses, we will admit completed the process and result of the mandatory product certification according to the enterprise’s will, and continue to complete the follow-up certification according to the new rules.

5. Above No.3 and No.4, the relevant units do not need to apply for certification authorization to our center. You need to choose and confirm the operation independently in term of the working tips from our center in the enterprise operation interface of “online certification service system for fire products”. At that time, our center will inform enterprises by telephone and message in time.

China Certification Center for Fire Products of MEM

China Certification Center for Fire Products of MEM