Events of the Residential Leasing Industry

Mobilization meeting in special rectification work of housing rental agencies’ chaos was held in Zhengzhou.

On August 14, mobilization meeting in special rectification work of housing rental agencies’ chaos was held in Zhengzhou. Zhang Da, Deputy Director-general and party member of Provincial Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Group members from the leading group members unit of special rectification work of housing rental agencies, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Provincial Network Security and Information Office attended the meeting and made some statement connecting with the unit of the work of division.

The meeting conveyed Notification of printing Departmental Interaction Rectification Implementation Plan about Specific Rectification of Indifference to Violate People Interests from The Communist Party of China Henan Provincial Committee on Theme Education Leading Group, Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Henan Provincial Supervisory Committee and Rectification Implementation Plan of Housing Rental Agencies’ Chaos issued by five departments jointly. Relevant departments arranged the specific content, goals, requirements, measures, scheduling and so on at every stage of the work.

The first National Team Long-term Rental Apartment was Landing in Wenzhou, a city in Zhejiang Province in China.

On August 19, the first bridge store of Jinhua E- family long-term rental apartment, a pilot project of housing leasing of Modern Group, was officially opened.

Wenzhou deployed a pilot project of housing leasing in May last year, listed with eight units like Modern Group at the first batch of specialized housing rental pilot enterprises. As an executing unit of Modern Group, Jinhua Real Estate Development Company seized the opportunity of speeding up and cultivation and development of housing leasing market, made full use of its advantages in construction, operations, leasing, and thus transformed successfully from property development to housing lease industry. What’s more, it cooperated with a brand apartment management company in China - Mofang Services Group (China), to create a harmonious living environment.

Ping An Insurance(Group) Company of China, Ltd. Entered Industry of Long-term Rental Apartment.

On August 16, Ping An Insurance Company of China held conference of its interim results in 2019. 

An official said at the meeting, the current proportion of real-estate investment in Ping An Company is about 7.2%, we will focus on long-term rental apartments in the future and “don’t do a real-estate barbarian”.

In the overall investment trend, Ren Huichuan, general manager of Ping An Company, introduced, 7.2% of the current proportion of real-estate investment is far lower than the 30% limit stipulated by China Banking Regulatory Commission. Real-estate investment of Ping An is mainly based on financial investment, focusing on long-term and value, investing in long-term rental apartments, etc.

50 self-owned commercial housing projects completed the housing rental record in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou has actively promoted the orderly development of the housing leasing market. By the end of July, 50 self-owned commercial housing projects in Hangzhou had completed the information verification before the first application for pre-sale license, confirming that the self-owned commercial housing available for lease has 927,300 square meters and 10,900 sets of housing supply.

Hangzhou has launched documents, Hangzhou Province Detailed Rules of Enterprises Self-owned Commodity Housing Leasing Management in April 2017, Notification about Further Strengthen Enterprises Self-owned Commodity Housing Leasing Management in July 2018. Therefore, Hangzhou Housing Administration Bureau implemented self-owned commodity housing leasing supervision. In accordance with the relevant regulations of the Notification and so on, the Bureau stared with the project plan review and pre-sale permit(sales record), project completion acceptance, public rental, stepped up efforts in supervising enterprise self-owned commodity housing leasing management, ensured the supply of funds, started, completed and delivered on schedule of housing, and opened external leasing strictly.