Dansn and Fireban, the leading fire door brand in the Middle East, conclude strategic cooperation

      On September 29th, Dansn Green Home Guangdong Co Ltd., Ltd. and GTL-Fireban (GTL: Gulf Trade Link Fzco) held a strategic cooperation signing agreement, officially launching the depth of cooperation between the two sides in the field of fire doors. Through this strategic cooperation, the two sides will uphold the principle of 'openness, cooperation and win-win', join forces, inject new energy into each other, continuously expand the depth and breadth of cooperation between the two sides, and realize mutual benefit and win-win and common development while working together to promote the strategic cooperation between the two sides.

安必安与中东防火门龙头品牌Fireban缔结战略合作左:Mr. Abdul Raouf Habra, The General Manager of Gulf Trade Link Fzco

Right: Mr. Gu Snap, CEO of Dansn Green Home Guangdong Co Ltd.

     As a whole-house formaldehyde-free home solution provider, in addition to the industry-leading level in formaldehyde-free, sound insulation, waterproof, heat preservation and energy saving, Ambian also has a high level of independent research and development and significant differentiation advantages in the field of fire door industry. In order to continuously research and develop higher quality and safer wooden fire doors, Ambian signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Intertek, an international authoritative testing organization and third-party notary public, on August 27, 2019, to carry out a series of fire door testing and certification, including the British Standard BS60, 90 minutes and the American Standard UL20, 60, 90 minutes. At present, British Standard BS60 minutes and American Standard UL20, 60 minutes have passed the official burning test. British Standard BS90 minutes and American Standard UL90 minutes basically meet the test requirements in the trial burn test, and are looking forward to passing the official burn test.


Dansn UL 60-minute fire door test passed

       In addition, Anbian has also launched the testing and certification of national standard fire doors, verifying the research and development results with domestic authoritative technical testing standards and foreign top safety monitoring technology and high specification quality management system, and laying out the quality and safety monitoring system with international standards.


Structural integrity after 60-minute fire door flush test by Dansn American Standard UL

      Gulf Trade Link Fzco (GTL) was established in 2011 and is headquartered in Dubai with a mission to export high quality fire doors and owns the company's world renowned brand of fire doors, Fireban, which has been approved by the Ministry of Civil Defense for its solid core fire doors using sustainable raw materials for high integrity and thermal insulation in order to meet the needs of the environment. In order to provide a more competitive market price to meet the market demand and to provide market assurance, GTL-Fireban fire doors have been tested and certified by the authoritative laboratories Exova Warrington Fire Protection Laboratory in the UK, Material Lab & Thomas Bell Wright International Consultants in Dubai and Shanghai Tianxiang Fire Doors in China. Consultants in Dubai and Intertek in Shanghai. In addition, GTL-Fireban also holds authoritative certifications such as IFC and BM Trada (Exova) Q Mark. To date, GTL-Fireban has grown to become the leading fire door company in the UAE and GCC region, with a solid market share in the fire door sector.


      Dansn and Gulf Trade Link Fzco have joined forces to inject fresh blood into GTL-Fireban. Previously, GTL-Fireban had only a single business form of fire door cores. After the cooperation, the two sides will jointly promote the transformation from a single fire door core to three business forms of fire door core, fire door semi-finished products and fire door finished products, and to realize the transformation from covering only British Standard to British and American Standard in the certification standard of fire door products. In addition, the leaders of the two sides reached a consensus on the establishment of a joint brand, and said that they plan to build the joint brand in the Middle East market and the GCC region market share of 70%-80% in the next three years.


      The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement confirms Gulf Trade Link Fzco's recognition and trust in Ambian's R&D strength and technology, and marks the further expansion of the international market for Ambian's fire doors. Based on GTL-Fireban's strong sales market, Ambian is expected to rapidly expand its presence in the global fire door market. At the same time, with the R&D strength and technical advantages of GTL-Fireban, GTL-Fireban can also enrich the category of fire doors and further enhance the core competitiveness of the brand, thus realizing a win-win situation in the real sense.


First left: Mr. Chen Zhijie, Overseas Sales Director of Dansn Green Home Guangdong Co Ltd.

Second from left: Mr. Gu Snap, CEO of Dansn Green Home Guangdong Co Ltd.

右一:Mr. Abdul Raouf Habra, The General Manager of Gulf Trade Link Fzco

      During the meeting, both parties also had an in-depth discussion on co-branding. Mr. Gu Snapdragon, CEO of Ambian, and Mr. Abdul Raouf Habra, General Manager of Gulf Trade Link Fzco, expressed their confidence in the strategic cooperation between the two companies and looked forward to a win-win situation together.