Dansn Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Technical Regulations on Decoration and Furnishing of Rental Housing

2021 is a brand new start, the country's carbon peak carbon neutral policy background, the leasing industry standardization, orderly development of the direction of the requirements of the housing leasing market industry development will inevitably return to the products and services themselves, the new demand for the industry's environmental quality of the industry's higher requirements, enterprises must be in the uncertainty of the environment in order to avoid risk in order to maintain a competitive advantage, the entire industry is also urgently in need of a set of authoritative technical regulations to guide the orderly development of the industry. On April 28th, the 2nd Annual Meeting of Housing Leasing Providers was held in Shanghai, during which the national group standard 'Technical Regulations for Decoration and Decoration of Leased Housing' (T/CBDA 43-2020) was released and the establishment of the Housing Leasing Supply Chain Alliance was announced.


Fourth from the right: Mr. Huang Biao, Director of Process Technology Department, Dansn


Mr. Huang Biao

The Technical Regulations for Decoration of Leased Housing is a national group standard approved by the Ministry of Housing and Construction and jointly compiled by Ambian and authoritative organizations and enterprises, which will form a unified industry standard for the current decoration technology of long-stay apartments, short-stay lodgings and shared office spaces. For the issue of decoration pollution, the standard will also make clear specifications from the perspective of controlling the source of pollution and the decoration process, governance, and tenants' usage habits.

Assembly interior decoration, unlike traditional decoration methods, eliminates the pollution sources of decoration from the root, energy saving and emission reduction, safety and environmental protection. All assembled components are produced in factories on a large scale, standardized, modularized and refined, realizing digital and intelligent processing, and maintaining quality and stability through the factory end; on-site construction adopts the dry working method without a drop of water, and puts the factory-produced item components on-site for LEGO-type combination and installation, which doesn't affect the normal life of the surrounding residents, and has no odor, no dust, less noise and construction waste.


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Dansn is a high-tech enterprise driven by scientific and technological innovation to create new low-carbon, environmentally friendly, fireproof and soundproof green building materials systems. Taking the responsibility of protecting the earth's resources, we have developed a new type of inorganic gelling agent system by utilizing food-grade organic polymer nanomaterials, turned agricultural and construction waste into treasure, and developed a series of new low-carbon green building materials and household products to meet the requirements of consumers for a safe home environment under the new competitive environment; at the same time, BION will promote the industry innovation with all the partners and drive together in the track of assembled renovation. At the same time, AMBIEN will work with all partners to promote the innovation of the industry, and drive together on the assembly and decoration track, which will empower the national carbon peak and carbon neutral strategic goals.