Jian Jian 100 billion new material circuit | Saint-Gobain quick building visit Dansn

On July 26, 2021, the enterprises of the world's top 500 enterprises and the global leading brand of new materials Saint-Gobain (China) Investment Co., Ltd. visited Ambien Group to jointly discuss the future development prospects and blueprints of new materials for building materials. Mr. Zhou Yan, CEO, Mr. Wang Xiaofeng, Product Director, Mr. Dai Wenjuan, Design director and Mr. Du Mingjie, supply chain manager of Saint-Gobbin Building Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. visited the production base of Ambien Taishan Headquarters for inspection and guidance. Mr. Gu Xiao, Chairman and CEO of Ambion New Materials Group Co., LTD., Mr. Yan Jun, Director of Integrated Business Division, and Mr. Huang Biao, director of process Technology Department, accompanied the visit.

剑指千亿新材料赛道 | 圣戈班速造建筑来访安必安

Left 3: Mr. Zhou Yan, CEO of Saint-Gobain Fast Building Technology (Chengdu) Co., LTD

Right 4: Mr. Gu Xiao, Chairman and CEO of Ambion New Materials Group Co., LTD

Saint-gobain Fast Building Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain (China) Investment Co., LTD., which belongs to the Saint-Gobain Group. Saint-gobain Fast Construction Technology Co., Ltd. combines Saint-Gobain's technology, experience, product line and strong supply chain system in the building materials industry, and is committed to promoting the new concept and product solutions of 'prefabricated decoration' for the tooling market.

Saint-gobain Group is the global leader in new materials, in building materials, industrial mortar, sound insulation materials, industrial ceramics and other aspects of the world's leading position, is one of the world's top 100 industrial groups, and listed in Paris, London, Frankfurt and other exchanges.

Saint-gobain's main business is the design, production and distribution of high-functional materials to provide consumers with innovative solutions. These materials and solutions not only bring comfort, safety and quality of life to consumers, but also address the challenges posed by sustainable buildings, energy efficiency and climate change.

剑指千亿新材料赛道 | 圣戈班速造建筑来访安必安

As a cutting-edge brand in the domestic new material circuit, Ambien has been committed to low-carbon, environmental protection, fireproof, waterproof, sound insulation new green materials innovative enterprises, its independent research and development of safety fiber ® and safety core board two green environmental protection substrate, due to environmental protection, fire, sound insulation, carbon reduction properties, won the Saint-Gobain team highly recognized.

Saint-gobain and his party were invited to the first line workshop of Ambien to fully investigate the production process of Ambien ® suspended ceiling, dragon backbone wall hanging panel, quick installation wall panel and other products, which highly confirmed the huge advantages of Ambien products in strength, fire prevention, waterproof and other aspects, and both sides made in-depth discussions on the application scenarios of products, and were optimistic about the future prospects of Ambien in the direction of assembly decoration.


With the implementation of the national policy of carbon peak and carbon neutrality proposed by the state, in the context of prefabricated buildings, the new material market is a new racetrack with a scale of hundreds of billions. Ambi safety series products have passed a series of international top environmental protection tests and 4-hour combustion tests, and a number of products have a full series of fire certification of American standard, British standard, European standard and national standard. Empower countries to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

剑指千亿新材料赛道 | 圣戈班速造建筑来访安必安

The common idea, let the two sides focus on the new material track, the two sides hand in hand, is the hero cherish the hero of the gentleman, is the first test of the famous enterprise and the new dark horse enterprise horse new material field, the road of assembly decoration is long, the two sides look forward to the future, such as the stars of the sea, in the front.