Guangzhou International health station is now China speed ampian fireproof plate made new achievements

The plan will be completed in June and will be completed in September, and the largest Guangzhou International Health station will be delivered soon.

3 months, 5000 rooms, land area of 400 acres, the total construction area of about 250,000 square meters. Guangzhou International Health Station has once again witnessed the 'China speed', which will also build another key defense line for the epidemic prevention and control in Guangdong!

Guangzhou International Health Station is positioned as an intelligent and unmanned isolation area. Different from the existing quarantine hotel, the health station has 5,000 independent rooms, which will strictly follow the quarantine requirements to ensure that personnel will not cross infection, and is scheduled to be put into use in September.


The project focuses on combining epidemic prevention safety, environmental safety, building safety and passenger safety, integrating epidemic prevention requiements, individual needs, cultural and entertainment services and humanistic care, and playing an important role in fighting and winning the hard battle of epidemic prevention and control and promoting regular epidemic prevention and control work.


广州国际健康驿站现中国速度 安必安防火板材立新功

广州国际健康驿站现中国速度 安必安防火板材立新功

Photo is from| Guangzhou Daily


Guangzhou International Health Station is declared by the Municipal Health Commission, and Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd. is the construction unit.

Time is tight and the task is heavy, which is the first problem that the construction unit needs to face. As the first line of defense against the epidemic, safety, health and environmental protection are the premise of Guangzhou International Health Station. And the good performance of the fire-proof plate is the foundation of the building.

As the strength of the domestic fire protection board, the Anore core ® refractory board under the umbrella of AMbion has become the interior wall board of this building with its excellent fire protection and good sound insulation performance, and has escort for the safety of Guangzhou International Health Station.

Ambion Core ® Refractory board is the flagship product of AMbion New Materials Group. Through innovative foaming technology, foam is evenly mixed with inorganic mineral materials. After being injected into the mold and natural curing, honeycomb closed foam holes are formed inside the structure with sound absorption effect, forming a new lightweight, fire-resistant, soundproof and thermal insulation material with outstanding fire resistance. Fire resistance up to 240 minutes.


广州国际健康驿站现中国速度 安必安防火板材立新功

广州国际健康驿站现中国速度 安必安防火板材立新功

 Anore core ® refractory panel test report


As a cutting-edge new materials research and development enterprise, Ambi New Materials Group has been committed to the innovative research and development of low-carbon, environmental protection, fireproof, waterproof, sound insulation new green materials. Based on the independent research and development of the two green environmental protection substrates of Anfiber ® and Anore core ® board, AMBI New Materials Group has developed fire and sound insulation doors, internal partition walls, wall panels, outdoor partition walls, ceiling and other space application building decoration materials.

In the Guangzhou International Health Station project, the application of An ore core ® refractory board is the market's great recognition and affirmation of Ambien products, Ambien Group will definitely contribute to the construction of green health fire safety buildings in China with better products and services.