New national standard fire door "Taishan sword" Ambion new materials shine

On November 18, the 'New materials and new processes of Vanke Mining & Anbi Fire/soundproof door product Upgrade Seminar' hosted by 'real estate purchasing industry Tmall' and hosted by Anbi was held in Anbi Taishan production base. The meeting attracted more than 20 fire door head brands from Jiangshan Opai, Kunshan Rimen, Nature Wood Industry and other countries to participate. Called the new national standard fire door a 'Taishan sword'.

First sector enterprises gathered in Taishan to discuss the new national standard response

The meeting was led by Vanke Mining Construction Platform, the 'Tmall of the real estate procurement industry'. Vanke Mining Construction Platform is a B2B third-party procurement trading platform for building materials jointly initiated by Vanke, Zhongcheng Investment, Zhongtian Group, etc. It outputs Vanke's capabilities and resources in building materials procurement bidding, quality management, supplier management and other aspects to the industry, and combines peers' strength. Jointly solve the problems in the field of building materials, such as unstable quality, decentralized supply chain, opaque transaction links, and large pressure on capital costs. The platform not only serves Vanke, but also faces upstream and downstream enterprises in the entire real estate industry, with an annual turnover of more than 120 billion yuan.

新国标防火门“台山论剑” 安必安新材料大放异彩

The phoenix tree that is planted attracts the golden phoenix.

With Vanke to build a large platform to lead the play, the conference attracted Jiangshan Opai wooden door, Tyson, Kunshan Rimen, Shenyang Wansen, Nature wooden door, Runcheng Creation exhibition, Dongguan kitchen Doctor, Zhejiang Kincaid, Sanrong wood industry, Star Moon door industry, Zhejiang Kaiyang, three trees and many other head sector enterprises to participate. In response to the challenge of the new national standard for fire doors to be promulgated, major enterprises have offered suggestions.

新国标防火门“台山论剑” 安必安新材料大放异彩

New materials, new technology, Dansn opened a new prescription

During the event, led by Vanke Mining construction Dr. Li Ruguang, and led by Mr. Gu Xiao, Chairman and CEO of Ambien, the visiting enterprise delegation successively visited the fire door production line, Ankuang material manufacturing line, Ambien new National Standard B door core high-frequency assembly line, research and development laboratory and other routes.

新国标防火门“台山论剑” 安必安新材料大放异彩

Through the in-depth introduction of Mr. Gu, Ambian demonstrated the full production process of its fire door core, showing mature process technology. In the laboratory fire test area, the fire test attracted the delegation to stop. In the laboratory, the research and development personnel demonstrated the boiling water test, bearing test, impact resistance and other tests for the inspection representatives, fully demonstrating the research and development strength of Ambien, which was recognized by the on-site guests.

新国标防火门“台山论剑” 安必安新材料大放异彩

This meeting was presided over by Dr. Li Ruguang of Vanke Mining construction Platform. In the meeting, Dr. Li interpreted the new national standard for fire doors to be promulgated in a simple way and analyzed the causes of fire hazards existing in the market.

In the meeting, Dr. Li pointed out that the new national standard for many door companies, the biggest challenge is to increase the water strike link, to the current market mainstream wood door companies, few perfect solutions.

As a new dark horse in the fire door market, Anbi New Materials Group has opened an effective prescription of 'new materials and new processes'. Gu Xiao, CEO of Ambion New Materials Group, showed the advantages of AMbion new national standard fire door to the participants in detail. The fire door is based on the new material of safety and safety fiber, and uses the new process of high-frequency frame as the standard. It has the characteristics of lightweight fire prevention, environmental protection and no aldehyde, and can fully cope with the water strike requirements of the new national standard.

新国标防火门“台山论剑” 安必安新材料大放异彩

At the meeting, Mr. Gu Xiao showed many enterprises the complete video of the new national standard fire door water shock test, which attracted the attention and affirmation of the guests. In the conference room, Ambian also showed the new national standard fire door core, by transforming the structure of the lock wood, with the process of wrapping the lock wood with safety fiber, perfectly solved the problem that the ordinary lock wood structure is difficult to cope with water strike.

The best cost-effective Ambian will soon be online mining platform

Gu Xiao said that as a new material enterprise with innovation as the core, Ambian is committed to solving the pain points of the fire door market through innovation, empowering enterprises, and its main business is to provide fire door core for many door enterprises, without directly participating in market competition. Gu General position has been recognized by many enterprises on the scene.

新国标防火门“台山论剑” 安必安新材料大放异彩

As a representative of Vanke's procurement platform, Dr. Li said that it is necessary to provide the best solution for both sides of the platform procurement, and conduct an in-depth discussion on the production capacity, product stability, price and delivery of the fire door core that the enterprise is most concerned about. Mr. Gu listens carefully to the different needs of each enterprise and answers the questions one by one.

新国标防火门“台山论剑” 安必安新材料大放异彩

After negotiation, Dansn and Vanke mining construction platform reached an agreement, Ambian new national standard B fire door core will be upstream supplier identity, with the best price on the line Vanke mining construction platform, for many door enterprises to empower, jointly cope with the new national standard fire door challenge.