Building Houses Like Airplanes: CCTC and Ambian Explore Green Assembly Methods

   On July 26th, Li Wen, Deputy General Manager of CCTC South China Co., Ltd, the largest construction and real estate integrated enterprise group and the largest housing construction contractor in China, and his entourage visited Jiangmen Taishan to inspect the production base of Ambion in South China, accompanied by Gu Snapdragon, President and CEO of Ambion New Material Group, and Zheng Lin, Sales Director of South China Region.

Exploring the Frontiers of Dual-Carbon Buildings

CCTC visited Dansn


CCTC, subordinate to China Construction Group, is a 'National High-tech Enterprise', 'National Assembly Building Industry Base', 'Head Enterprise of Assembly Building of the Ministry of Housing and Construction' in the field of construction industrialization. It is a 'national high-tech enterprise' in the field of construction industrialization, 'national assembly building industry base' and 'head enterprise of assembly building in the Ministry of Housing and Construction', and has the qualification of general contracting for construction engineering and the qualification of Class A design in the construction industry. For two consecutive years, the company has been awarded the 'Science and Technology Reform Demonstration Enterprise' by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

      CCTC's visit to Ankang is based on the development layout of the assembly building industry, in order to find suitable innovative products and high quality suppliers of assembly building materials and solutions. After market research, we understand that Ankang Board, a multivariate magnesium-based material independently developed by Anbian, has excellent performance and can be widely used in assembled decoration system, fire door system solution and building fire prevention solution.

      As a national high-tech enterprise, Ambian has been taking innovation as its core competitiveness, and the Ankang boards produced by utilizing the multifaceted magnesium-based gelation system are Class A fireproof and non-combustible materials, and also have various characteristics such as lightweight, high strength, easy processing, good sound insulation performance, strong impact resistance, durability, mildew and moisture, etc., which are widely used in the public areas of commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, airports, high-speed rail stations and other public construction projects, and so on, and have been highly praised by the market.

像造飞机一样造房子 中建科技与安必安共探绿色装配式之路

Looking to the future of architecture

Build a house like an airplane


Accompanied by Mr. Gu, Mr. Li from CCTC and his delegation have inspected the fully automatic production line of Ankang board, the production workshop of fireproof one-piece door core, the R&D laboratory of Anbian, the assembly showroom of Anbian, etc., and they appreciated the inorganic environmentally friendly material of Ankang board produced by Anbian, the system solution of fireproof door, the fireproof system of the building, the application of the assembly technology, as well as the standardization of production in the factory.

像造飞机一样造房子 中建科技与安必安共探绿色装配式之路

像造飞机一样造房子 中建科技与安必安共探绿色装配式之路

像造飞机一样造房子 中建科技与安必安共探绿色装配式之路

In Ambian assembly showroom, Mr. Gu and Mr. Li had an in-depth communication on the development trend of assembly interior decoration. Mr. Gu believes that in order to achieve real low-carbon assembly decoration, it is necessary to use real green and low-carbon raw materials to replace high energy-consuming materials from the source, front-load the design, use modular parts design, standardized production, so as to achieve on-site LEGO-style installation, so that it is a green and low-carbon assembly building of the whole lifecycle in line with the development trend of the future.

     At the same time, Mr. Gu also explained in detail to the visiting guests the research and development concept of Anbian fast partition wall, using inorganic material Ankang board as the decorative wall panel, replacing the energy-consuming light steel keel by Ankang high-strength keel and Anfibre keel, adopting modularized design and standardized production, and prefabricating switches and pipelines inside the partition wall to achieve the on-site assembled installation. In this regard, Mr. Li frequently expressed his deep approval.

    Mr. Li said that CCTC is driven by science and technology, 'building modules like cars' and 'building houses like airplanes' have always been the direction of CCTC's efforts, and Ambion's assembled partition wall products are highly compatible with this concept, and the two sides have reached a preliminary cooperation intention on the future exploration of assembled race track and building fire prevention system.