Hotel Room Furniture

DANSN has served multiple international hotels, insists on selecting environmentally friendly materials that are superior to national environmental standards, provides furniture made of laminate and veneer lacquer boards and movable furniture of hotels, and offers one-stop solutions to design, material selection, and purchase of hotel supplies, and excellent hotel furniture solutions to domestic and foreign large three- to four -starred hotels.

Dansn Formaldehyde-free Mineral Fiberboard
1. Mineral Fiber Core

Different from common artificial boards, the mineral fiber core is a mixture of solid wood sawdust, perlite, high-strength fiber, and other 7 to 8 functional additives with a special cement instead of the formaldehyde-containing glue as cementing material.

2. Formaldehyde-free Glue Withstand 4 hours of Boiling Water
3. Two Decorative Surfaces

High-density Fiberboard made with MDI formaldehyde-free glue (Covered by formaldehyde-free furnishing paper)

Hotel Panel Furniture
Hotel Panel Furniture

Formaldehyde-free mineral fiber board replaces the GB E1 or EN E0 artificial board. It meets the USA CARB-NAF standard - the world’s unique formaldehyde-free artificial board standard. The formaldehyde emission is only 1/15 of the GB E1 limit and 1/5 of the EN E0 limit.


Formaldehyde-free Glue Paper + Formaldehyde-free PVC Edge Band + Formaldehyde-free Edge Sealing Glue.

Comparison of source of formaldehyde release between DANSN mineral fiber boards and wood-based panels
Formaldehyde Release Standards for Different Boards
Production Process and Source of Formaldehyde Release of Different Boards
Multi-layer solid wood board/plywood

E1 (hard to reach E0)

Raw materials: Three-layer boards or multiple single-layer or thin boards 

Glue: Urea formaldehyde (with formaldehyde)

Chipboard/solid wood particle board

E1, E0, F☆☆☆☆

Raw materials: Wood, other wood fibers. Fine wood fibers are placed at the two sides, while long wood fibers are in the middle. 

Glue: Melamine-formaldehyde resin (with formaldehyde)

Density board/medium density fiberboard (MDF)


Raw materials: Wood, plant fiber

Glue: Melamine-formaldehyde resin (with formaldehyde)

Formaldehyde-free MDI (stalk board)


Raw materials: Chopped crop straw and stalk

 Glue: MDI polyurethane rubber (formaldehyde-free)

DANSN mineral fiber


Raw materials: Special cement, fiber, perlite, and seven to eight functional additives

Glue: Special formaldehyde-free glue

The Comparison of Formaldehyde Emission Limit of the Highest Standard for Wooden Artificial Boards in Various Countries and DANSN Enterprise’s Environmental Standard
The only furniture environmental standard that meets the requirements of  China Wooden Artificial Board  Environmental Standard GB/T18883-2002 board (0.1mg/m3).
Comparison of the effect after 24 hours of End Immersion Testing Between Normal Hotel Bathroom Door and Dansn Bathroom Door
Normal Hotel Bathroom Door

Normal Hotel Bathroom Door :

6mmHDF + EVA Banding Glue + Tubular Particle Board Filling

Dansn Bathroom Door

Dansn Bathroom Door :

4mm water-resistant HDF + Water-resistant PUR banding glue + Dansn Mineral Core

Fire-rated Performance of Hotel Entrance Door
Normal Interior Door
Normal Interior Door
Dansn Fire-rated Door
Dansn Fire-rated Door
DANSN fire rated door system is awarded certification of 20/30/45/60/90/120 minutes fire resistant in compliance with international standard of BS 476 12:1987 part 22 and NFPA 252/UL 10C / UL 10B.
DANSN Fire-resistant Perlite Core

DANSN's patented perlite internal core surface burning behavior is classified as top grade A(both Flame Spread Index(FS) and Smoke Developed Index(SDl) are 0) as per ASTM E84-16. In 1200℃, our perlite’s fire endurance is 120 minutes. It is non-hazardous, light, fireproof, heat insulated, preserved and easily installed.

Intumescent Seal

The intumescent seal can automatically expand in high temperature to obstruct smoke, complying with EN 1634-1: 2014 and BS 476P (20&22).

Sound Insulation Performance of Hotel Entrance Door
The sound insulation grade of DANSN sound insulation doors is 38dB, reaching the sound insulation standard of five-star hotels.
Honey Comb Door Acoustic Rating
Tubular Particle Board Acoustic Rating
DANSN Normal Door Acoustic Rating
DANSN Acoustic Door Rating
DANSN Acoustic Mineral Core
DANSN Acoustic Mineral Core

Across the building industry, perlite is widely used, in doors and ceilings, to absorb sound. It has superior sound insulation properties, compared to any other substitute used as door internal filling. The weighted sound reduction index of our door with perlite filling is 34 dB, tested according to IS0 10140-2:2010.

Concealed Door Bottom Seal
Concealed Door Bottom Seal

Our products feature a concealed, automatic door bottom seal that is acoustically designed, featuring silicon gaskets for medium temperature smoke and fire door applications. It is operated automatically by applying pressure against the doorjamb. on its adjustable strike.

Hotel Upholstered Furniture
Hotel Upholstered Furniture

The upholstered furniture adopts solid wood rather than composite board as the seat board, and uses formaldehyde-free glue to replace high-formaldehyde content common glue as the binding agent.

The sponge used in upholstered furniture is all fresh material (no reclaimed materials). The fabric utilizes skin-friendly B class texture.

Upholstered Furniture
Environmental Protection Test Report on Soft Fabric
Low-formaldehyde Mattress Fabric
Low-formaldehyde Mattress Fabric
Formaldehyde-free Cloth(Type B)
Formaldehyde-free Cloth(Type B)
Formaldehyde-free Cloth(Type C)
Formaldehyde-free Cloth(Type C)