DANSN Participants in General Principles for Indoor Environment Assessment of Long-Term Renting Apartment Issued Formally

Since the 19th CPC National Congress, especially the CPC Central Committee and the State Council put forward the idea that 'houses are for living in, not for speculation', and a series of housing reform measures, such as 'encouragement for both renting and purchase', the housing rental market represented by long-term renting apartments has been booming, which has played an active role in solving the housing problem of urban residents and realizing 'housing for the whole people'.

Recently, China Association for Standardization has officially issued the group standards in long-term renting apartment industry, General principles for indoor environment assessment of long-term renting apartment  (Standard Number: T/CAS 407-2020, referred to as General Principles). The standard proposes the evaluation object, index, process and grade of the indoor environment assessment of long-term renting apartments. What's more, it clearly requires that the enterprises of long-term renting apartments participating in the indoor environment assessment should meet the relevant national or industry standards, and apply for interior decoration and materials the soft or wooden furniture, and third-party assessment or self-assessment of indoor air quality in the long-term renting apartment (which do not include the houses of the original owner's decoration).

DANSN Participants in General Principles for Indoor Environment Assessment of Long-Term Renting Apartment Issued Formally

The standards were led by the China Institute of Standardization, China Construction Newspaper, National Center for Quality Supervision & Inspection of Furniture and Indoor Environment, China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research, China Quality Certification Center, and Beijing Building Materials Testing Academy Co., Ltd., together with DANSN New Material (Guang Dong) Co., Ltd. as a supplier of formaldehyde-free home solution.

General Principles focus on safeguarding consumers' health. Based on the practical experience of industry leading enterprises of rental housing, the standards pay attention to more friendly technology development and industry leading enterprises in controlling of indoor environment quality. In term of major negative matters of indoor environment in long-term renting apartment for consumer's health, General Principles designed indoor environment assessment index system to the whole building and sets of houses which are decorated, furnished and installed household appliances for housing leasing enterprises. What's more, it put forward requirements and graded index values. So it can guide long-term renting apartments to provide a greener and healthier living environment for consumers with quality decoration materials, furniture and household appliances. That could further enhance the competitiveness of long-term renting apartment enterprises.

In recent years, combined with inorganic materials, polymer materials and other cutting-edge technology, DANSN has developed new-type products which meet physical performances of different products of domestic green building material and green home. DANSN is a new material high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacture of formaldehyde-free, fire-resistant, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation materials. DANSN's core technology is the employment of recycling agricultural materials and plant fibers bonding with inorganic gelling material modified by polymer materials to manufacture a series of new green building materials and household products.

In term of household products, DANSN creates the new-type fire resistant ecological door to replace traditional ones and new-type composite board with fire resistance, formaldehyde-free and water resistance. In decoration materials, DANSN new-type inorganic fiber flooring replaces traditional wood or PVC plastics floor and mew-type inorganic fiber wall paneling replaces traditional bamboo and wood fiber wall paneling and calcium silicate wall paneling. The new-type floor reduces the cost greatly while improve the capability of formaldehyde-free, fire resistance and water resistance. DANSN new technology eliminates indoor formaldehyde and other harmful substances to create a whole-house space with formaldehyde, benzene and low VOC for consumers.

At the same time, DANSN complies with the policies of developing prefabricated buildings and interior decoration. In product design and production, the Company strictly controls in accordance with the industrial standards of modular components. Modular installation of formaldehyde-free finished product and drying process can effectively solve the problem of installation efficiency and vacancy period for long-term renting apartments. DANSN is a quality supplier in the long-term renting apartment industry.

After General Principles officially issued, DANSN will continue to adhere to corporate and social responsibility and innovate technology of formaldehyde free and environmental protection, aiming to create a healthier and safer living space for consumers.

DANSN Participants in General Principles for Indoor Environment Assessment of Long-Term Renting Apartment Issued Formally