Ankang Decorative Wall Panel Case|Dongguan Poly First Cast Sky with Face and Interior

Project Profile

      Dongguan Poly First Cast Sky project is located in Wanjiang District, Dongguan City, Dongguan City, on the south bank of the Dongjiang River, east of Longwan Wetland Park, belonging to the core area of urban upgrading and construction in Wanjiang District. The development industry covers high-end residential, open neighborhoods and super-high-rise tower offices; named 'Sky', the project is positioned as a first-line waterfront urban complex. The first open area covers an area of 9200 square meters, which is the first section of urban open space in the north end of the project, including a 1000 square meters transparent and modern showroom building and urban plaza, ecological green belt and temporary parking lot; in the early stage, it serves as a venue for real estate sales and brand display, and in the future, it will be used as an art showroom and urban plaza, providing citizens with outdoor recreation and space for art exhibitions. Poly First Cast Sky has become the new benchmark of Dongguan's river-view luxury residences, and is another new city card of Dongguan.


      Construction of the first cast sky, the project stands by the river, blue sky and white clouds, a bay of river water flowing around the city, blue water new city, reflection in the water, as a representative of Dongguan's river view mansions, Poly first cast sky is worthy of the name.


Poly First Cast Sky project under construction

Project name: Dongguan Poly first cast sky

Use of products: Ankuang decorative wall panels

Specification: 10mm

Application parts: public area wall, door wall integration

Project Time: Completed in 2022


      The wall in the public area is made of Ankang decorative wallboard, Ankang decorative wallboard not only has strong fireproof performance, but also has a rich selection of finishes is another major feature, compared with the traditional cold tile wall, the selected finish color in this case is the warm champagne-colored panel, which is not only fireproof and environmentally friendly, with higher value, but also can be the same color as that of the door of the tube well to form the integrated door and wall of the overall effect.



The tube well door adopts Ankang finish wall panel, which is consistent with the wall finish, forming an integrated display effect of the door and wall, and the overall image is more unified.

安旷饰面墙板案例|有面子又有里子的东莞保利首铸天际Depending on the design, different finishes are available for different areas to create different atmospheres.安旷饰面墙板案例|有面子又有里子的东莞保利首铸天际

      As the benchmark of Dongguan's river view mansions, in order to fulfill the national dual-carbon policy, Poly First Cast Sky is not only unique in design, but also very attentive in the selection of materials, as far as possible, the selection of low-carbon fire prevention, aldehyde-free and environmentally friendly fire prevention materials. In the public area plate, the selected finish wall panels for the new A-class fireproof panel - Ankang veneer panels, the panel by the production of Anbian new materials group, the panel belongs to the A-class non-combustible materials, can withstand high temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius, formaldehyde emission level of ENF level, is one of the few domestic not only fireproof and moisture-proof, aldehyde-free environmentally friendly, but also lightweight and easy to process new materials, in addition to the excellent performance of the new materials, the new material is not only fireproof and moisture-proof, aldehyde-free environmentally friendly, but also light and easy to process. In addition to excellent performance, the rich optional finishes also add color to the project, making Dongguan Poly Shoucheng Skyline project has both face (higher value) and lining (good performance), becoming the first choice of Dongguan's river-view luxury homes.