Warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the review meeting of the "Technical Regulations on Decoration and Furnishing of Rental Housing".

On June 14, 2020, the review meeting of the draft of CBDA standard 'Technical Regulations for Leasing Housing Decoration' held at Lido Vista Hotel in Beijing was concluded, and the meeting was a complete success!

The successful preparation of CBDA standard 'Technical Regulations for Leased Housing Decoration' lays a solid foundation for the standardized development of the decoration industry. The standard fills the gaps in the domestic rental housing industry, and has profound and far-reaching guiding significance in standardizing and unifying the technical requirements for rental housing decoration and renovation, improving the level of rental housing renovation, guaranteeing the quality of rental housing renovation projects, and responding to the rapidly developing and growing demand for rental housing market.

According to the requirements of China Building Decoration Association's June 26, 2018 'Approval of the 2018 (Thirteenth Batch) Project Establishment of CBDA Standards for Engineering and Construction in the Building Decoration Industry', and in accordance with the provisions of the 'China Building Decoration Association Standards (CBDA Standards) Management Measures' (Zhongdian Association [2019] No. 108), the project is jointly edited by Beijing Youer Decorative Engineering Co. and Shenzhen Chuangniu Information Technology Ltd. and jointly compiled with relevant units, the Technical Regulations on Decoration and Decoration of Rental Housing has been completed and the draft for review will be examined by the Review Expert Committee.


Editor-in-chief: Beijing Youer Decoration Engineering Company Limited, Shenzhen Chuangniu Information Technology Co.

Guiding unit: China Building Decoration Association Residential Leasing Industry Branch

Participating units: China Construction Decoration Association Residential Leasing Industry Branch, Guangdong Youguan Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Shenyang University of Architecture, Beijing Home Technology Company Limited, Beijing Aijiaying Enterprise Management Company Limited, Beijing Lehou Apartment Property Management Company Limited, Shanghai Ruidan Enterprise Management Company Limited, Guangzhou Woqi Apartment Management Company Limited, Magic Square (China) Investment Company Limited, Xiamen Youwang Apartment Management Company Limited, Shanghai I Love My Home Real Estate Brokerage Company Limited, Beijing Ziyanzi Property Management Co. Ltd., Beijing Ziyanzi Property Management Company Limited, Beijing Longhu Fangheng Commercial Operation Company Limited, Shenzhen Golden Key Investment Company Limited, Beijing Hennen Habitat Technology Company Limited, Hangzhou Huichuang Technology Company Limited, Aiyue Technology (Beijing) Company Limited, Xiamen Choujia Information Technology Company Limited, Beijing Real Estate Agent Industry Association, Beijing Xiangyu Hotel Management Company Limited, Beijing Yu Xiaoxiao Decoration Engineering Company Limited, Beijing Apartment Leasing Industry Association, Shenzhen Apartment Leasing Industry Company Limited. Ltd., Shenzhen Apartment Leasing Industry Association, Beijing Ruimet Decoration Company Limited, Fuhai Star Construction Engineering Co.



The meeting was honored to have Mr. Shan Bo, Deputy Secretary General of China Building Decoration Association, to attend and address the meeting, chaired by Mr. Gao Jun, Director of Development Department of China Building Decoration Association, and summarized by Mr. Yang Chunyu, Secretary General of China Building Decoration Association Residential Leasing Industry Branch.



The meeting set up a review expert committee with Zhang Lei, deputy director of the National Engineering Research Center for Housing and Living Environment, as the chairman, and the experts of the expert committee include: Shi Jinglin, secretary-general of the General Station of the National Building Materials Industry Standards and Quotas, and the head of the Building Materials Branch of the China Association for Standardization of Engineering Construction; Yin Xiaoyu, deputy chief engineer of Beijing Honggao Architectural Decoration Design and Engineering Co. Ltd, Xie Baoying, Chief Engineer of Beijing Golden Dragon Decoration Company Limited, Jing Shiyun, Chief Engineer of Shengda Holding Co. The chief editor of this regulation and some members of the editorial committee also attended the meeting.



The committee of reviewing experts listened to the report of the editorial committee on the content of the preparation of this statute and reviewed the content of this statute article by article.


 (Group photo of the working session of the transmittal review committee)

The successful convening of the review meeting for the draft of CBDA standard 'Technical Regulations for Decoration of Leased Housing' further promotes the benign, orderly and healthy development of the residential leasing industry, and the Technical Regulations will guide the direction of the standardized operation of enterprises. As the first domestic rental housing decoration technical regulations, it has an important impact on regulating the industry and market behavior, and optimizing the industry's resource structure.

The Technical Standard for Decoration of Rental Housing employs top domestic audit experts, who are: Zhang Lei, professor-level senior engineer and deputy director of the National Engineering Research Center for Housing and Living Environment; Shi Jinlin, director of the General Station of the National Building Material Standards and Quotas and secretary-general of the Construction Materials Branch of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association; Jing Shiyun, chief engineer and senior engineer of Shengda Holdings; Yin Xiaoyu, deputy chief engineer and senior engineer of Beijing Honggao Decoration Co. Mr. Yin Xiaoyu, Senior Engineer of Beijing Honggao Decoration Company, Mr. Xie Baoying, Chief Engineer and Senior Engineer of Beijing Jinlongteng Decoration Company.

Thanks to all the leaders of the association, experts, scholars and elites of the enterprise sector who attended the meeting for their active participation and dedication. We thank the review experts for their professional review opinions and congratulate the review meeting of 'Technical Regulations for Leasehold Housing Decoration' to be a complete success!