CIMC Group Visits Our Company

In mid-September, Mr. Gong Shiqi, Supply Chain Director and Ms. Li Jinjin, Supply Chain Manager of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd (CIMC for short), visited the production base of Dansn's Taishan headquarter, accompanied by Mr. Gu Snapdragon, CEO of Dansn, and Mr. Chen Zhijie, Director of Overseas Sales of Dansn.


First from the left: Mr. Jacky Chan, Director of Overseas Sales, Dansn

Second from left: Mr. Snapdragon Gu, CEO of Dansn

Third from left: Mr. Gong Shiji, Director of Supply Chain of CIMC

Fourth from left: Ms. Li Jinjin, CIMC Supply Chain Manager

CIMC is a world-leading supplier of logistics and energy equipment headquartered in Shenzhen, China. CIMC Modular Building is the most innovative and dynamic new business of the Group, with its business headquarter in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, and three large-scale production bases in Xinhui, Guangdong Province and Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, providing high-quality modular building products to customers from all over the world.

Relying on CIMC's world-leading technology of producing sea containers for more than 30 years, CIMC successfully extended the concept of standardization to the construction field in 2004, giving birth to modular buildings. Since its establishment, CIMC modular buildings have been widely acclaimed in Europe, Australia and Japan with advanced technology, high-quality products and efficient construction methods, and will gradually enter the Singapore, U.S. and China markets in the near future. CIMC has established long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationships with the world's chain hotel groups, Hilton, Marriott, and InterContinental, as well as with the world's three major mining giants, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, and FMG. With years of accumulated successful project experience, CIMC Modular Building is capable of providing customers with a variety of business cooperation modes, including product supply, financial leasing, and EPC whole industry chain general contracting mode.

CIMC monolithic building system is a new type of building system with steel structure as the main body, combined with heat preservation, water and electricity, fire protection, sound insulation, energy saving and interior decoration. Compared with the traditional building, it has the characteristics of movable, light weight, good sound insulation, good anti-seismic performance, fast construction speed, high quality decoration, etc., which is suitable for permanent, semi-permanent and temporary buildings, and has been highly praised by global customers in the fields of hotels, students' apartments, residential apartments and pension houses. It is highly praised by customers all over the world in the field of hotels, student apartments, residential apartments and senior housing.


Ambian New Materials Group is a bio-based advanced refractory new materials R & D and production of enterprises, the use of rich agricultural and forestry biomass resources as raw materials, the development of environmentally friendly and recyclable bio-based inorganic composite materials, such innovative bio-based inorganic composite materials to replace cement-based materials, wood-based composites, petroleum-based plastics is the future trend of innovation and development of new building materials. The core new materials of Ambian are divided into Anfibre Board series, Mineral Core Door Core and Anjiaojie series, and the product solutions cover all types of assembled components and parts required in industrialized buildings and industrialized interiors with fireproof, waterproof, soundproof, zero-formaldehyde, lightweight and other performance qualities, from steel door and wooden door solutions to wall solutions, flooring solutions, ceiling solutions, home solutions and so on.

Led by CEO of Ambian, Mr. Gu Snapdragon, Mr. Gong Shiqi and his delegation visited the production workshop and testing center of Ambian headquarters, fully understood the configuration of Ambian's highly automated production equipments, the production process and procedures of standard components for industrialized assembly and interior decoration and the process of safety and quality control, and expressed strong interest in Ambian's bio-based advanced fire-resistant new materials and green building materials products. He also expressed his strong interest in the new bio-based advanced refractory materials and green building material products, and fully affirmed the rigorous and excellent scientific research capability of AMBIEN.

After in-depth exchanges, Mr. Gong Shiji also put forward his ideas about the application of bio-based advanced refractory new materials in modular building systems. Both parties expressed their hope for future cooperation, and worked together to promote the development of global industrialization of construction and provide more efficient, green and safe building materials for human beings.


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