Hefei Housing Rental Industry Exchange Meeting as a Special Guest

On the afternoon of August 21st, sponsored by Hefei Housing Leasing Association and co-sponsored by Apartment Society, 'Consulting on Development and Building the Future Together - Hefei Housing Leasing Industry Exchange Meeting' was grandly held at Century Golden Resources Hotel in Binhu Lake. The meeting discussed and shared in-depth topics from macro trends to micro practices, from government policies, housing leasing 'big data' to the operation and management of apartment enterprises and other topics of greatest concern to the apartment industry, attracting nearly 60 apartment enterprise decision-makers, general managers of head Internet platforms and industry gurus to gather for exchanges.

Xiang Liang, Director of Leasing Department of Hefei Municipal Housing Security and Real Estate Administration, and Xu Jun, President of Hefei Housing Leasing Association, attended the meeting. Mr. Xu Jun, President of Hefei Housing Leasing Association, attended the meeting. Mr. Gu Snap, CEO of Shenzhen Chuangniu Information Technology Company Limited, attended the meeting as a special guest.



Hefei housing rental industry exchange meeting site

At the meeting, the municipal real estate bureau Xiang Liang, director of the rental enterprise representatives to participate in the welcome, in-depth introduction to the city's housing rental market development results, and put forward specific topics for discussion.

Xiang Liang pointed out that the development of housing rental market is a people's livelihood project, people's project, Hefei housing rental market development system has been built to take effect, in the forefront. First, the establishment of the City Housing Leasing Association. Service enterprises, consensus building, strengthen industry exchanges, standardize market behavior, and provide reference for government decision-making. Second, the establishment of the city housing rental service management center. It is responsible for the contract filing, transaction supervision and platform construction of the city's rental housing, accelerating the pilot construction of housing leasing, and cultivating and developing the housing leasing market. Third, the city's housing leasing transaction service supervision platform was built. It strengthens the management of nodes such as verification of housing sources, release and contract signing, filing, and rent payment, and utilizes real-name authentication and verification of housing sources to realize full supervision of the leasing business process. Fourth, the introduction of a series of policies. For example, the development and introduction of financial incentives and subsidies for housing leasing policies, etc., to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market to provide a solid guarantee.


Xiang Liang, Director, Leasing Division, Hefei Municipal Housing Security and Real Estate Administration Bureau

Solving Decoration Pollution from the Root

CEO of Ambian, Mr. Gu, emphasized that the problem of decoration pollution in long-stay apartments has become one of the most important factors restricting the development of the industry. Long-term rental apartment industry is developing rapidly, driven by economic benefits, the safety of the rental environment is easy to be ignored. Formaldehyde door frequently, green home health issues have attracted a high degree of social concern. The Shenzhen Consumer Council issued the 'Long-Term Rental Apartment Decoration Pollution Control Technical Standards', although the long term rental apartment enterprises put forward higher requirements, but from the market level, it is the long term rental apartments a rare opportunity for development. Only by putting the health and life safety of users in the first place can apartment companies gain full recognition from the market. At the beginning of November last year, the China Building Decoration Association Residential Leasing Industry Branch led the preparation of the Technical Regulations for Leased Housing Decoration. As one of the main editing units, Ambian emphasized that formaldehyde should be solved at the root of the problem. Starting from the enterprise itself, Ambian strictly controls formaldehyde from raw materials to production process and production environment, and is committed to utilizing advanced assembly and new material technology to help apartment companies create the most economical and healthy rental environment without formaldehyde.


Snapdragon Gu, CEO of Dansn

Market Data Enabling Apartment Development

General Manager of E-House Hefei Agency, Mr. Zhou Zuolao shared the current situation of Hefei's rental market. According to the data provided by E-House, there are 48 long term rental apartments in Hefei, of which Hefei's local enterprises have 15 apartments, and there are 10 and 7 stores in Guan Yu Po Residence respectively. These long term rental apartments together provide nearly 5,000 sets of housing units, with an average occupancy rate of about 80%. The high-quality supporting services, excellent location, low area and low total rent are the reasons why long term rental apartments can obtain high premiums. Mr. Zhou also mentioned that rental housing solves the housing problem of urban residents, especially new citizens, and the core of market analysis is supply and demand analysis, 'mismatch between supply and demand' is also the most frequently used word in the rental market, which is also the core issue.


General Manager of E-House Kerry Hefei Agency, Mr. Zhou Xuelao

Explanation of Apartment Enterprise Operation Capability

Mr. Gu Mingyang, the founder of Apartment Society, suggested that the operation of an apartment company should be based on a comprehensive consideration of points, lines and surfaces. The point of the operation of the apartment enterprise should firstly fall on the positioning of the apartment itself, and have a clear understanding of the definition of its own customer base to optimize the business model. The line is to operate new-style apartments with the idea of operating Internet social products, in order to form the face of the stable development of the apartment enterprise. Each brand has a different tone, and decision makers need to refine the personality from the commonality, so that the personality can become their own corporate competitiveness.


Gu Mingyang, Founder of the Fuzzy Learning Society

The digital strategy of the apartment industry in the Internet era

Huang Guanwen, the CEO of ApartmentSmall2, believes that the domestic long term rental apartment is like Taobao at the beginning, and is entering the stage of the industry's big division of labor. The development process of apartment enterprises should be divided into several steps, the first stage, the specialization of management, the first management of our house; the second stage, the diversification of sales and service branding, to create a small program or WeChat public number, branded micro-store, the establishment of the official website of the APP, etc.; the third stage, the standardization of the supply chain, when the volume of apartments to reach a few thousand or even a few tens of thousands of the size of the apartments, and then digging back to the more tenants of the post-rental services of the possibility of diversified income generation. The third stage is the standardization of supply chain. Mr. Huang also said that on the basis of strengthening SaaS services, ApartmentSmaller will build a service ecosystem for long-stay apartments, such as introducing suppliers of cleaning, maintenance, moving, and leasing of goods to empower apartment enterprise customers. Secondly, it makes full use of business intelligence to realize intelligent customer service, unattended service, automatic price adjustment, and property matching for apartments through big data, AI and other technologies.'


Huang Guanwen, CEO of Yu Xiaowei

Technology empowers apartment companies

Liu Huayong, general manager of Xiaomi Technology in Anhui, said that the development of industrial Internet has brought commercial progress and will redefine the living space. Mr. Liu introduced Xiaomi smart home relying on advanced AI technology, taking family needs as the starting point, centering on the 'big health', 'big life', 'big education' three major immediate needs scenes, forming an all-round, intelligent information sharing and service platform, connecting cities and families, and building a new generation of 'family'. It is an all-round, intelligent information sharing and service platform that connects the city and the family, and builds a new generation of 'intelligent community'. He also mentioned that the intelligent system should be adapted to your habits rather than change your habits, millet has a large number of customers, very high active, in the help of big data can give every device, are automatically playing a lot of labels, so that you will always use the most accustomed to the way to control their own equipment. After smart door locks and smart meters, we will find that young people have a higher and higher demand for whole-house intelligence, small love speakers, intelligent lighting and other intelligent scenes will certainly deeply penetrate the rental industry, who first embraces science and technology, who will gain a first-mover advantage.


Liu Huayong, General Manager of Xiaomi Technology in Anhui

Service enhances the competitiveness of apartment enterprises

Wen Peng, co-founder of E+ Youth Apartments, mentioned that the rental demand of the 'new middle class' group includes several aspects, such as location, decoration and design style, functionality, service enjoyment, and youthful community. In the case that the competition in the whole industry has intensified and the profit has been diluted, it is more necessary to add value to the service to improve the profit of the industry, and the key point of service perception is to save the heart, be responded to in time, and the sense of quality, E+'s team are all post-90s, so there is no generation gap in communicating with the tenants, and they can capture the demand of target groups keenly, and in the process of continuously exploring and improving the differentiated operation ability, E+ is also more aware of the importance of the service and will put more energy into the service. In the process of exploring and improving its differentiated operation capability, E+ also realizes the importance of service and will devote more energy to service.


Co-founder of E+ Youth Apartments Wen Peng

The convening of this industry exchange meeting, strengthen the exchange between the industry, so that different forms of enterprises in the industry to give full play to their own advantages, the realization of the exchange of experience in operation and management as well as the complementarity of resources, to promote the prosperity of the housing rental market in Hefei far-reaching significance. After the meeting, the participants of the Housing Leasing Association member units, the leasing enterprises have expressed that they will discuss and build together, solid and progressive, for the stable and healthy development of the housing rental market in Hefei City, and strive to build Hefei into a national housing rental pilot city model.