Stronger Together! Dansn, Tianjin Heavy Industry and Tsinghua High-end Equipment Research Institute join hands to build a first-class production line in China.

    Tao begets one, one begets two, two begets three, and three begets all things!

    China's first intelligent continuous production line for new bio-based green building materials was launched! It marks the milestone leap of national industry in the field of new materials, new technology and high-end equipment technology. (hereinafter referred to as Ambian) and Mr. Gu Wen, the chairman of YHG Tianjin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.), led the core team of both parties to hold a simple but grand signing ceremony on December 24th, 2020, and the national layout of the intelligent continuous production line of biobased green building materials was unveiled from then on, which has written a colorful chapter in the development of the national industry in the field and fulfilled the responsibility of the national industry in this field. It has written a colorful chapter for the development of national industry in this field and fulfilled the sense of social responsibility and mission as an industry leader.

强强联手! 安必安与天津一重及清华高端装备研究院联手打造全国一流生产线

Left: Mr. Snapdragon Gu, Chairman and CEO of Dansn

 Right: Chairman of Tianjin Heavy Industry - Mr. Gu Wen


As the pioneer of China's equipment manufacturing industry, Tianjin Heavy Industry has planted the word 'first' firmly in its heart. For the sake of this 'first', several generations of Yizhong have written a long historical scroll with hard struggle and unremitting efforts. Cultivating first-class team, developing first-class products, creating first-class performance, providing first-class service, establishing first-class image, creating first-class environment, creating first-class enterprise, repaying the society, realizing the harmony, the starting point and the ending point of scientific development.

    Tsinghua University Tianjin Research Institute of High-end Equipment is a professional research institute jointly constructed in 2014 under the background of national Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration and synergistic development strategy. Gathering high-end talents, giving full play to the aggregation effect of R&D resources, creating strategic high-end equipment industry clusters, enterprising, united and committed to building and developing into a world-class manufacturing innovation center.

    As a science and technology enterprise that independently develops new bio-based materials, Ambian's products cover architectural space applications, household applications, and scenarios that can easily cope with a variety of demanding physical property requirements, while mastering advanced technologies for fire doors, and at the same time meeting world-class certification standards such as American Standard, British Standard and National Standard; in addition, Ambian strives to keep abreast of the national policy and market demand, and continues to develop a wide range of application systems for the field of assembled buildings. In addition, ABS continues to develop a variety of application systems in the field of assembled buildings in accordance with national policies and market demands, providing customers with perfect solutions for assembled buildings.

    Safety, is the value; must safety, is the promise. Strong alliance to promote industrial upgrading, to meet people's green and safe all the beautiful imagination.

强强联手! 安必安与天津重工及清华高端装备研究院联手打造全国一流生产线

强强联手! 安必安与天津一重及清华高端装备研究院联手打造全国一流生产线