What kind of door? Withstand 120 minutes of fire resistance limit test-Ambian ultra-thin wooden fire door!

On Christmas Eve, Dansn continues to work hard to keep thousands of families safe.

Dansn is constantly in action, and Dansn is constantly innovating.

On the Christmas Eve of 2020, Dansn successfully completed the national standard test of 45mm ultra-thin wooden fire door!

120 minutes, thousands of degrees of heat! Dansn wooden fire door can withstand the test!

Proudly entered a new era of product development!

Once again in the fire door materials, technology, technology to achieve a milestone breakthrough.


Your peace and security is in the hands of Embry-Riddle!


Because we 'really' is a fire door.

Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management announced on November 9, this year's January-October national fire situation report. Data show that from January to October, the country received a total of 196,000 fires, fires caused a total of 889 deaths, 583 people were injured, resulting in direct property damage of 2.55 billion yuan.

But authoritative data show that our homes, that is, residential homes, are precisely the places where fires are most likely to occur. In the first 10 months of this year, China's urban and rural residential fires occurred 85,000, accounting for 42.9% of the total number of residential fires, while residential fires caused casualties is the largest of all fires, resulting in a total of 684 deaths, 389 people were injured, accounting for 76.9% and 66.7% of the total number of fires, respectively. It can be seen that the risk of fire is often around, preventive measures should start at home. (Data source: National Emergency Management Department)

In 2015, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) on the release of the national standard 'Building Design Fire Prevention Code' Article 5.5.32 stipulates clearly that residential buildings with a building height of more than 54m should have a refuge room for each household, and the door of that room should be at least Class B fire rating. If the fire door loses its function, once the fire occurs, it is easy for 'small fire' to become 'catastrophe', jeopardizing the safety of life, 'real' fire door is very necessary.

Why Dansn ultra-thin wooden fire door is a 'real' fire door? Please listen to the editor to say:

Highlight 1: New materials, the real 'core' is not afraid of refining by fire

After nearly 50 tests per day, 436 days, and nearly 2 severe tests, Ambian launched two new core new material systems. One is the new material Mineral Core® (foamed lightweight fireproof board), and the other is the new material An Fiber® (bio-based inorganic composite fireproof board). Anbian's new ultra-thin wood fire doors are developed using these two materials. An Fiber® fire door skeleton using food-grade organic polymer materials modified by a new type of inorganic cementitious materials bonded rice husk or straw and other coarse plant fibers made of recycled materials, mineral core ® lightweight fire door core is made of foam and inorganic mineral materials through the foam technology, the two major raw materials into the molding of the formation of a one-piece door core has a very high fire resistance, to achieve the true meaning of the real! The 'core' is not afraid of fire.

Highlight 2: Thin body with high performance, true 'core' safety

Generally speaking, the thicker the door, the stronger the fireproof performance. The thickness of traditional national standard grade A wooden fire door is more than 55mm, but our company breaks through the technical barriers, innovates the material, and develops a new type of ultra-thin wooden fire door, the total thickness of the door is only 45mm, and the thickness of the fire door core is only 39mm, which realizes that we do not win by the thickness, but see the real 'core' safety.

Highlight three: 'skill' is not overpowering.

In addition to realizing the important function of fireproofing, the new ultra-thin wooden fire door of Anbian also has multiple functions such as sound insulation and aldehyde-free. The core of Mineral Core® lightweight fire door is made by foaming technology, which produces a honeycomb structure with sound-absorbing effect, and the core layer of the door and the frame are one-piece injection molding, which improves the sound insulation effect greatly. The skeleton of AnFiber® fire door adopts rice husk as the main material and inorganic mineral material as the binder, and the door filling adopts mineral material, so there is zero formaldehyde release in the whole life cycle of the product, so it is safe and secure.

Life is supreme, life is priceless, Anbian keeps this in mind. We will continue to innovate the fire door research and development, production technology, so that the 'real' fire door into the household.