The cooperation between CIMC and Ambian reached a new level!

A new year begins and everything is renewed! Continuing the good cooperation atmosphere, on January 19th, 2021, Mr. Snapdragon Gu, Chairman and CEO of Ambient New Materials Group, personally led the core team to have a cordial and friendly meeting with Mr. Zhu Weidong, General Manager of CIMC Modular Building Investment Company Limited, and other leaders at the production base of Dansn Taishan.


Fourth from left: Mr. Snapdragon Gu, Chairman and CEO of Dansn New Materials Group

 Left 5: Mr. Zhu Weidong, General Manager of CIMC Modular Building Investment Co.


  General Manager Zhu and his team fully affirmed the quality of the new fire door and the bold innovation in the field of building; the previous cooperation on the new fire door of Ambian as an opportunity to propose more possibilities for the two sides in the field of assembled buildings; at the same time, the introduction of the BIM system of building information modeling of Ambian in the field of assembled decoration application highly recognized, the two sides of the future cooperation on the fuller communication to deepen the understanding of each other and trust, to lay a solid foundation for the next win-win cooperation!


    CIMC Modular Building is the most innovative and dynamic emerging business of CIMC Group. Since its establishment, CIMC Modular Building has been insisting on technological reforms and attempting to break through traditions in the field of construction, and with advanced technology, high-quality products and high-efficiency construction methods, CIMC Modular Building has been widely acclaimed in Europe, Australia and Japan, and it will gradually enter into the markets of Singapore, the U.S.A and China in the near future. CIMC Modular Building has built up a long-term and stable strategic relationship with the world's hotel chain groups, Hilton, Marriott, and Intercontinental, as well as the world's three biggest mining giants, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, and FMG, and it has been supplying the world's well-known hotel chain giants with high-quality modular building products.


    Dansn grasps the development trend of the market and coincides with the development strategy of CIMC; adhering to the policy of people-oriented, green and environmentally friendly industry development, driven by green innovation, Ambian is committed to research and development of safer and more environmentally friendly green building materials products to create a safe barrier for people's environmentally friendly living space; Dansn has been constantly innovating in product development and has successfully researched, developed and mass-produced a new type of fire door that has reached the level of the British Standard and the American Standard at the same time; Dansn is not satisfied with this, in the assembly building system, diligently seeking, in product innovation, using rice husk and other agricultural and forestry recycled materials as the main material, inorganic mineral materials as a binder, the development of the whole life cycle of zero formaldehyde release, the material can reach the flame retardant level of A1 level of assembly product system, greatly improve the fire prevention, waterproofing, sound insulation, thermal insulation performance of environmentally friendly and recyclable bio-based inorganic composite materials; in science and technology system innovation; in the innovation of the system, we have successfully developed and mass production of both British Standard and American Standard level of new fire doors. Composite materials; in the innovation of science and technology system, combined with the development trend of cutting-edge science and technology, in-depth cooperation with Binfu Digital Technology Group in the building information modeling, set off the prelude to the industry change, leading the industry's future trend of innovation and development of new building materials, and issued a challenge signal to the traditional construction and materials.