Dansn and Opie Home Furnishings create the peak of the industry side by side.


Fifth from left: Mr. Lu Chunting, Manager of Engineering Management Department

Fifth from right: Mr. Snapdragon Gu, Chairman and CEO of Ambian New Materials Group

Fourth from right: Mr. Zhou Xiaoping, Director of R&D Department of OBNI

Third from right: Mr. Yang Long, Supply Chain Manager

Famous door, honorable inheritance.

Opie Home Furnishings, as a leading enterprise in the home furnishing industry, has been a pioneer in the industry for 25 years, leading the development of the industry; Opie Wooden Door is the only wooden door brand of Opie Home Furnishings Group, inheriting Opie's DNA of high-end customization, every move moves the market and consumer emotions, original Italian design with mature technology to create high-quality art of living space for consumers to provide wooden doors, siding, pass sets and window sets and other ancillary products to perfectly match the whole package of customized solutions. 2020 door production of more than one million fans, 2021 will be the number of figures. Window sets and other ancillary products are perfectly matched with the whole package of customized solutions. 2020 door production of more than one million fans, 2021 will move towards a higher figure. Opini door series into the fast lane of high-speed development, at the same time committed to become Opie Group following the cabinet product line another core area of products, so it must be with the same type of product providers to open up the gap, the formation of product differentiation advantages. Therefore, we need a strong and powerful partner to move forward side by side to provide fireproof, formaldehyde-free, waterproof and safe product core material solutions.

As a technology-leading, innovation-driven oriented new material enterprise, Ambian is casting safety with technology and achieving value with safety. Its six product systems have always adhered to the five-dimensional core values of fire prevention, environmental protection, waterproofing, sound insulation, thermal insulation, self-developed inorganic gel system instead of the traditional glue, the whole series of products have passed a series of international top environmental protection tests, with craftsman attitude to achieve higher standards for the protection of aldehyde-free home, the whole series of products can pass the 4-hour combustion test, a number of products have the same time with the full range of fire safety certification of the U.S. standard, British standard, European standard and national standard, as well as excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance, which solves the problem of fire prevention in one fell swoop. The whole series of products can pass the 4-hour combustion test, and many products have American Standard, British Standard, European Standard and National Standard fire prevention certification, as well as excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance, which solves the pain point of traditional materials at one stroke, and extends the service life of the products by an average of five to seven years, which reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement and provides peace of mind.

On March 5, 2021, Mr. Zhou Xiaoping, Director of R&D Department, Mr. Luo Xingquan, Manager of OBNI, Mr. Tang Mingcong, Manager of Craft Department, Mr. Yang Long, Manager of Supply Chain Department, Mr. Wang Yaolong, Manager of Engineering Management Department, Mr. LU Chunting, Mr. Li Yabin, Supervisor of Project Management Department, and other members of their party came to the Taishan production base of Ambion New Material, and Mr. Gu Snapdragon, Chairman and CEO of the Group, personally received them and explained to them, and the leadership of the group of OBNI said that they had a good understanding of the new material. During the meeting, Mr. Gu Snap, Chairman of the Group and CEO of the Group, personally received and explained that the door core series products of Ambian New Materials provide strong support for the core material solutions of Oubliette's door series products, and that the use of mineral core high-strength fireproof components to replace the traditional structure, to achieve the effect of fire prevention, waterproofing, formaldehyde-free, mute, heat preservation, which greatly saves the cost of time and enhances the user experience; in addition, the traditional siding structure unavoidably produces formaldehyde pollution, and Anjijie® Quick Installation Cladding Wall Panel Series Can also be very good to help solve the formaldehyde problem in the overall home furnishing siding materials, for the OPPONENT to achieve with similar product providers to form a differentiated advantage to provide a quality solution to solve the problems faced by OPPONENT, the series of products of the Anbijie new materials will be the OPPONENT overall home furnishing program must be applied to the material.

Both sides always take green as the basic criterion of production and management, and strive to ensure that from the selection of materials, production process to the installation of each link are strictly follow the green environmental standards for consumers to think more, for each family to create a high-quality, safe, environmentally friendly and pure art living space.