Tyson Risheng extends an olive branch to Ambiente - Forging Brilliance Together, Moving Forward

On March 10th, 2021, Mr. Wang, R&D Director and Mr. Guo and Mr. Xie, Purchasing Directors of Tyson Risheng Group Limited (Tyson Risheng for short) and their leaders visited the production base of Dansn Taishan, accompanied by Mr. Gu Snapdragon, the Chairman and CEO of Dansn New Materials Group Limited.

泰森日盛向安必安伸出橄榄枝——共铸辉煌 迈步向前 

Right 1: Mr. Guo, Purchasing Director of Tyson Risheng

Right 2: Mr. Xie, R&D Director of Tyson Risheng

Center: Mr. Gu Snapdragon, Chairman and CEO of Appian

Left2:Mr. Wang, R&D Director of Tyson Risheng

Left 1: Mr. Huang Biao, Director of Process Technology Department of Abeam


Tyson Risheng is one of the top three domestic enterprises in the ranking of wooden doors, which is the right enterprise under Linyi City Construction Investment Group, the largest state-owned enterprise in Linyi City, headquartered in Linyi, Shandong Province, the largest plate processing base in China, specializing in the production of wooden doors, cabinets, closets, storage, and other modern home furnishings products, which can provide research and development, design, engineering, maintenance, installation, whole setup, project management and other full life cycle services. It is one of the whole-house home customization enterprises with the most complete industrial chain and a closed-loop operation in China, and has signed strategic partnership and collection agreements with more than 30 leading real estate enterprises of the top 50 domestic real estate companies, such as Poly, Vanke, Longhu, China Merchants Shekou, China Resources, Sunac, and so on.

Anbian New Materials Group Co., Ltd. has independently developed two new fireproof board materials, An Fiber® and Mineral Core®, which break through the bottleneck of the industry. The fireproof doors made of the two materials can simultaneously meet the strict requirements of the American Standard, the British Standard, and the National Standard, and the materials themselves have the advantage of Class A fireproofing, with the highest fire-resistant temperature of up to 1,400 degrees Celsius, and at the same time, they have the properties required for waterproofing, heat preservation, and soundproofing for high-quality living space. The material itself has the advantage of Class A fire resistance up to 1400 degrees Celsius, and at the same time has waterproof, heat preservation, sound insulation and other properties needed for quality living space.

Tyson Risheng highly recognizes the application of Ambian's new materials in the home furnishing field. The two new materials Ambian developed independently, Anfibre® and Mineral Core® fireproof boards to create the fireproof door core, which hits the pain point of the current industry, and is highly consistent with the national fire prevention requirements of the building; at present, Tyson Risheng has completed the application of Ambian's fireproof door materials for the A and B standard models of the burn-in inspection and passed the test, and the use of Ambian's new It has been fully proved that the new fire door structure and process can improve the production efficiency up to 70%, significantly increase the production capacity and reduce the manufacturing cost, in addition to the high reliability, can really realize the consistency of the burning test and batch as well as the sampling test 100% qualified.

Tyson Risheng extends the olive branch to Ambian, the two sides in this meeting carried out substantial in-depth consultations, the implementation of Ambian® fire door core in the future projects and products in the application, the next step is planned to be successively in the head of Tyson Risheng cooperation real estate began to comprehensively promote and comprehensively replace the traditional fire door structure. The cooperation between the two sides is cohesive with the passion, sweat and wisdom of both companies. The persistent pursuit of providing customers with better quality products, and jointly realize a miracle and brilliant.