Warmly celebrate Anfibre® High Intensity Fireproof Board passes Class A1 combustion test

Real gold is not afraid of being refined by fire, and good materials are also not afraid of being burned by fire.

The AnFiber® High Strength Fireproof Board developed by Ambian New Materials Group Co., Ltd. is not only not afraid of fire, but also has excellent physical and chemical properties such as waterproofing, sound insulation and environmental protection.

AnFibre® high-strength fire prevention board is a new bio-based inorganic composite fire prevention board manufactured by Anbian independently developed inorganic adhesive system instead of traditional glue to bond agricultural and plant recycled materials, etc., which realizes A1 level fire prevention and can pass 4 times the fire resistance level:

- Class A1 fireproofing, which can pass the 4-hour burning test;

- Obtained the U.S. Aldehyde-free exemption certification CARB-NAF, formaldehyde emissions for the national standard E1 1/15, the European standard E0 1/5;

- After 24 hours of soaking in water, the expansion rate of water absorption thickness is less than 1%, excellent waterproof and moistureproof performance, solving the pain point of traditional materials in one fell swoop, the product service life is extended by an average of five to seven years, reducing the cost of maintenance and replacement, peace of mind and durability;

- Superior physical properties and processing performance, flexural strength of 15MPa, nail grip 2000-2200N.


Based on the inorganic cementitious system - magnesium-based composite phosphate, to produce a large proportion of plant fibers, low dosage of inorganic cementitious agent, lightweight, high-strength, easy-to-cut new materials, the strength of 2-3 times that of the traditional cement; currently used in the Anbian ® Fire Door Fan Skeleton, Anbian ® American Standard Wooden Fire Door Sleeve, Ansijie ® Quick Installation Cladding Wall Panels, Ansijie ® Quick Installation Ceiling Skeleton, and will be invested in the future into more applications, the artisanal attitude to achieve a higher standard for the escort of the human space.