The same artisanal DNA | Runsun Chuangzhan Visits Ambiente

Just after the Labor Day holiday, Mr. Xu Yongzhong, General Manager of Supply Chain of Guangdong Runcheng Chuangzhan Group, and his team of leaders, accompanied by Mr. Li Wenlin, Director of the Second Department of Comprehensive Business of AMBIEN Group, visited the production base of AMBIEN New Materials Group Co.

同具匠人基因 | 润成创展造访安必安

Third from left: Mr. Li Wenlin, Director of Integrated Business Department II, Ambian Group

Third from the right: Mr. Xu Yongzhong, General Manager of Supply Chain of Guangdong Runcheng Chuangzhan Group

Ltd. is a set of design, development and production in one of the professional production of interior wood doors and other decorative products of large-scale modernization of the enterprise, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, complete supporting facilities. Adhering to the 'first-class enterprise, create a famous brand, quality of survival, technology and development' purpose, adhere to the market demand-oriented, product innovation as a means, customer satisfaction as the goal. Over the years, Guangdong Runcheng Chuangzhan wood in the guide interior decoration 'factory' production process, depending on the quality of the product as the life of the enterprise, a steady stream of first-class development of new products, color varieties have more than 300 varieties, with independent intellectual property rights of the patented products up to more than 80 types of products, its sets of series of door products many times to set off a sales boom in the market! Its set series of door products have set off the market sales boom many times, which is regarded as the model of the unique way by the peers.


同具匠人基因 | 润成创展造访安必安

As a technologically advanced and innovation-driven new material enterprise, Ambion creates safety with technology and achieves value with safety. Combined with the national strategy of carbon neutrality and carbon peak, we have independently developed two major base materials, Anfibre® and Mineral Core®, by utilizing agricultural recyclables, industrial and construction wastes, and extended six product systems on the basis of the two major base materials, and all of the series of products under our umbrella have always adhered to the corporate genes of low-carbon, environmentally friendly, fireproofing, waterproofing, and soundproofing, and all of them have passed a series of international top-level environmental protection tests, so that they can achieve a higher standard with the attitude of a master craftsman.

Two companies with the blood of artisanal attitude join hands in the context of the national carbon neutral and peak carbon policy, and are committed to empowering the green earth and the country's green mountains and green water.