Reducing Carbon Emissions by 50 Percent, Ambion Shows Up at the First Green Smart Building Expo

n June 24th, China Building Science Conference and Green Intelligent Building Expo with the theme of 'Green Building for Better Life' was held in Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area of this exhibition reaches 160,000 square meters, attracting more than 500 exhibitors, and Ambian New Material was invited to participate in the exhibition.

减少碳排50%  安必安惊艳亮相首届绿色智慧建筑博览会

The staff of Dansn gives enthusiastic explanation to the exhibitors

As an innovative enterprise dedicated to low-carbon, environmentally friendly, fireproof, waterproof and soundproof new green materials, Anbian New Material, which takes 'low-carbon and environmentally friendly' as its responsibility, brought its new product Anfibre® board to the exhibition this time, which attracted the attention of many exhibitors.

'Unlike traditional timber, AnFibre® boards use rice husk as the main material, inorganic mineral materials as the binder, and mineral materials for door filling, which greatly reduces the amount of timber used, and reduces carbon emissions by more than 50% overall.' The relevant person in charge of Ambian New Material introduced to.


Environmentally friendly concepts, advanced products, attracted exhibitors have praised, 'the country has identified 2030 to achieve the overall goal of carbon peak, we, as a building materials industry, has been looking for a solution, Anbian this product, will be our enterprises to achieve low-carbon emission reduction goals of a good medicine.' said an exhibitor from a home furnishing company. 

The exhibition is positioned to 'promote green and intelligent buildings and help realize the dual-carbon goal', with the theme of 'green building and creating a better life', led by 'new infrastructure' and focusing on the cutting-edge areas, the exhibition has set up a design and construction exhibition hall. With the theme of 'Green Building for a Better Life', led by 'New Infrastructure' and focusing on cutting-edge fields, the exhibition has set up nine themes, including design and innovation achievements, sponge city and green building materials, modern and assembled buildings, building energy-saving and green building materials, building mechanical and electrical equipment, intelligent building and 'New Infrastructure', green and intelligent decorations, construction machinery, and integrated solutions for building implementation, to focus on the latest developments in the whole industry chain of planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance in the field of construction, construction, operation and maintenance of the whole industry chain.


The moment it appeared on the stage, it amazed the whole audience. This time, Ambian attracted attention as a dark horse and danced with the world-renowned green and intelligent building enterprises, demonstrating the strength and advantages of the new enterprises and helping the construction industry to realize the goal of 'Carbon Peak' and keep moving forward.

Ambian is an innovative enterprise dedicated to low-carbon, environmentally friendly, fireproof, waterproof and soundproof new green materials, and based on two kinds of substrate materials, Anfibre® and Mineral Core Board, it has developed fireproof and soundproof doors, interior partition walls, wall panels, outdoor partition walls, ceiling and other spatial applications of building and decoration materials.