Dansn empowers OPAI Home to share the global fire door market

On August 17, Gu Xiao, chairman and CEO of Anbi New Materials Group Co., LTD., visited the leading domestic household enterprise - Opai Home Group, and jointly discussed the current situation and future development direction of global fire doors with OPai export Division, and conducted in-depth communication on further cooperation between the two sides.

安必安赋能欧派家居 共话全球防火门市场

As a leading enterprise in the home improvement industry, OpAI Home takes the whole cabinet as its flagship, including the whole house customization, wardrobe, bathroom, wooden doors, metal doors and Windows, armored doors, furniture, kitchen appliances, soft furnishings, and whole furnishings, forming a diversified industrial pattern, and is a domestic integrated modern integrated home service provider. Its overseas business covers many overseas countries such as Singapore, the United States, Australia and so on.


As a supplier of OPai, the visit of APian Group to OPAI Home Furnishing Group is based on the successful cooperation of many projects between the two sides, which is bound to add another fire to the layout of OPAI overseas fire door market.


安必安赋能欧派家居 共话全球防火门市场

At the communication meeting, Gu Xiao, chairman of Ambien Group, used simple language, combined with graphic display, assisted by exquisite and small wooden door samples, shared the advantages of Ambien fire door for the peers of OPai overseas business division, Ambien fire door bold innovation, excellent fire retardant performance, and was highly recognized by the participants.

安必安赋能欧派家居 共话全球防火门市场

With 'core' as a fire door, Dansn with excellent fire performance and excellent quality, through the United States standard, British standard, European standard and national standard full series of fire tests, with a full range of global fire qualification and certification.

After the meeting, the European representatives spoke highly of the new material products of Ambien, and the two sides fully affirmed the possibility of applying Dansn fire doors in future projects, and reached a consensus on continued cooperation in future projects.


Dansn is committed to low-carbon, environmental protection, fireproof, waterproof, sound insulation new green materials innovative enterprises, innovation as the starting point, to new materials research and development as the core competitiveness, and continue to empower home building materials enterprises, Dansn based on the excellent supplier of home building materials.