Beixin wood industry visited the Bioban bio-based composite board application market

On September 16, Mr. Zhang Fangwen, market director of Beixin International Wood Industry Co., Ltd. visited the Taishan base of Ambion New Materials Group, and Mr. Gu Xiao, chairman and CEO of Ambion, personally accompanied the visit, and the two sides conducted in-depth communication and discussion on the topic of application of inorganic bio-based composite wood-based panels.

北新木业到访安必安 共话生物基复合板应用市场

First from left: Zhang Fangwen, Market director of wood-based panel of Beixin International Wood Industry Co., LTD

Second from left: Gu Xiao, Chairman and CEO of Dansn Green Home Guangdong Co Ltd.


Beixin International Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Beixin Group, continuously and stably purchasing high-quality logs, sawn timber, high-end artificial panels and other products around the world, and is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the national forest product industry. With the business model of the whole industry chain, relying on the professional business platform, perfect marketing system and efficient management team, Beixin Wood Industry comprehensively improves the product quality and service level, strives to build a comprehensive trade service platform, and fully promotes the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of China's wood and wood products industry.

北新木业到访安必安 共话生物基复合板应用市场

Dansn Workshop


Beixin Wood Industry group has visited the Ambian wooden door production workshop, sanding workshop, Ambian laboratory and other sites. In the production workshop, Mr. Gu Xiao introduced the technological advantages and production specifications of the Anxian ® board to the guests. The excellent fireproof and waterproof performance of the Anxian ® board was highly recognized by the Beixin wood industry. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the application scenarios of bio-based artificial composite panels in the steel frame structure and assembly market.

北新木业到访安必安 共话生物基复合板应用市场

Dansn LABS


Dansn is a cutting-edge brand in the domestic new material circuit, has been committed to low-carbon, environmental protection, fire prevention, waterproof, sound insulation new green materials, combined with the national carbon neutral carbon peak strategy, using agricultural recycling, industrial and construction waste independently developed two green and environmental protection substrates, the product has passed a series of international top environmental tests. The combustion limit can reach 4 hours, and a number of products have a full series of fire certification of American standard, British standard, European standard and national standard at the same time, which can be widely used in various space scenarios.


Innovative product research and development capabilities, excellent waterproof and fireproof performance, environmental protection and low-carbon product concept, are the main reasons for the safety fiber ® board to win the favor of the domestic wood market leader brand Beixin Wood industry, as an innovative enterprise committed to the research and development of green and low-carbon new materials, Ambian will fully promote the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of China's wood and wood products industry. To help the country achieve the goal of peak carbon neutrality as soon as possible and continue to work hard.